About Me

DSC_0450Hi, I’m Jon.

I’m an Emerald Heart practitioner, geomancer, provider of spiritual guidance, student of the mysteries of the Divine and a lover of music, nature, coffee & football.

All these aspects of my life have come about during different phases of my life’s journey. A journey which has had many ups and downs some of which have taken me to the extreme heights of joy while others have plunged me in to deep depths of despair. One thing is for sure the journey has always been an adventure.

Part of that adventure has been my fascination with the mysteries of the universe, the earth, the spirit world and the Divine. Whether it’s been studying it, teaching it, accepting it, denying it or even getting lost in it  those mysteries have always been a part of me. They have always called to me and never let me go even when I’ve tried to run away from them.

Now that I accept they are an ongoing part of me I am able to share the adventures of my journey with anyone who would like to listen. To find out more about me, some of these adventures and the insights I have gained please visit my Blog here.

The journey has also opened up some of my spiritual abilities and allowed me to study different areas of healing and spiritual guidance. If you would like to find out more about the work I do please visit my Emerald Heart page here, my House Clearing page here, or my Intuitive Readings page here.

Whatever your interest, you are more than welcome to have a look around my website. Take your time and enjoy yourself.

To make an appointment or for more information please contact me here.

Thanks for stopping by.