Geomantic House Clearing

nature-1547302_1920Geomancy (divining the earth) allows me to remove discarnate spirits, entities, and detrimental earth energies from your home. This allows the energies in your home to be brought back into balance and your home can then again become the welcoming loving environment you deserve.

There are many energies that emanate from our Earth and some of them can be detrimental to human health. This is commonly known as geopathic stress and contributes to what geomancers call sick houses. Places where people are often unsettled, constantly sick, drained of energy or are disrupted by discarnate spirits to name but a few problems.

Signs of geopathic stress can include the following:

  • Constantly feeling tired and drained of energy
  • Avoiding sleeping in a particular bedroom (common with children)
  • Repetitive nightmares and disturbed sleep
  • Sensing an uncomfortable presence in your house
  • Pets behaving in an unusual or erratic manner

Geomancers heal geopathic stress in sick houses and help to re-balance the earth’s energies and remove any unwanted discarnate spirits and entities. I work very closely with my Guides while doing this and normally employ map dowsing to carry out the process.

Please contact me with the nature of your problem and I will let you know how I am able to help.

Investment:ย  $200 per consultation

This work is normally done from my home, which is sometimes known as distant healing. This allows me to work with anyone anywhere on the planet.

If you would like me to come to your home then this will cost more and will be negotiated per client.

To make an appointment or for more information please contact me here:

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