Collective Consciousness

On this journey we call life how often do we get caught up in other peoples dramas?

How many times do we get caught up in issues that may, or may not, be related to us?

Issues and dramas involving family or friends. Workplace dramas or events we’ve watched on TV.

How often have we got caught up in what people post on social media? Posts that make us react in a positive or a negative way.

Do we suddenly find that we are part of a group all thinking the same way or do we feel isolated in our thought process?

Often when we get caught up in the dynamics of a group we can become part of the collective consciousness. Sometimes this means that people can be all thinking the same way and other times there may be different thought processes within the same idea or subject.

I’ll use an obvious example of collective consciousness. Covid-19. Since at least February 2020 it has been on the TV, in the newspapers, on social media, on the Internet in general. In other words it has been everywhere, everyday bombarding our senses. It has become part of the collective consciousness around the world, as probably 90% of the world’s population talk about it on a regular basis. Or at least think about it. Regardless of someone’s opinion on Covid-19, and there are many, it affects all of us one way or another.

So that is an example of how we can get caught up in collective consciousness.

Now staying on the theme of collective consciousness but moving away from Covid-19, family and workplace dramas, etc, let’s apply collective consciousness to spirituality and energy work.

There are a lot of positive points that could be said about the collective consciousness within spiritual groups. Which could include new age, religious old and new, energy, meditation, or anything along those lines. You get my drift. Whatever you choose to call it the collective consciousness of these groups can bring in a lot of much needed Light for the individuals concerned. And indeed the group as a whole, the communities we live in and the planet in general.

However, where there’s positive you can get negative and where there’s Light you can get dark. It’s the nature of human beings and we often can’t help ourselves.

So the collective consciousness of these groups can often be a minefield for people new to them and sometimes for the old hands themselves. Unfortunately that collective consciousness, sometimes, can be driven by egos and, well, complete and utter bullshit.

Just because someone says something is a certain way, a particular ritual will solve a particular problem, there’s a ghost following you around, the rest of your spiritual group think you’re being psychically attacked and you need to juggle five black tourmalines while placing salt by your bed, doesn’t mean it’s true. It could be, but it could also be that the collective consciousness you’ve got involved with has gone a little, or a lot, off track.

In order to address some of this and maybe help a few people, but hopefully not make any enemies I’m going to delve into one of my own experiences.

In my first blog post ‘Who Am I?’ I mentioned that I ran a meditation group in Adelaide. This was back in 2006 to 2007. Wow, nearly fifteen years ago! Is it really that long? I guess it is and I’ve learnt a lot since then.

It is, though, a great example of spiritual collective consciousness and I call it the Adelaide syndrome.

Now I mean no offense to Adelaide, the people of Adelaide, the people who were in my meditation group, or anyone else connected to Adelaide and spirituality.

It’s just that when I encounter a person now who may be caught up in something that seems very dated spiritually or they are out of their depth I often refer to it as the Adelaide syndrome. It gives me a point of reference and a reminder of what I went through. A huge learning curve that has served me well.

It all started with the collective consciousness of that Adelaide meditation group. Let me explain.

Danielle, my wife, and I moved to Adelaide in July 2005. We had our own personal spiritual practices, see my first blog post for more details, and were looking for a meditation group. We found a group at the end of 2005, or I should say Danielle did, as I was reluctant to join at first. But she gave it a good recommendation so I thought I’d give it a go.

The group was held two nights a week. One night for beginners and one for the more experienced. Although the experienced members could attend both nights if they chose too. Overtime I graduated from the beginners to the more experienced. The group was run by a very friendly lady and I got on well with most of the people that I met through the groups.

All the meditations were based around angelic frequencies and it was an eye opener for me into how you can connect to the angelic realms. Some of the meditations were very deep and very illuminating and quite a powerful energy could be generated sometimes. There was a lot of Light involved and this was a good thing. It helped with self-illumination and allowed you to see aspects of yourself, good and bad, which you may have been unaware of. Or perhaps just didn’t want to look at.

The energy generated helped with emotional healing sometimes and opened doors to connecting with angelic guides and occasionally other guides. Sometimes the meditations simply allowed you to tune out for twenty minutes and you wouldn’t remember anything. Something I think we all need occasionally.

The meditation circle would often be followed by a group discussion for those who chose to partake. This could often be beneficial for people as it allowed them to explore anything that came up during the meditation that they felt the need to vocalise.

These meditation circles generated a collective consciousness that developed between members. Most people came every week and some people came twice a week, every week. So people were exposed to the dynamics of the group on a regular basis. There was also contact between some members of the group outside of the two nights, but more on that in a moment.

Overall the meditation nights were a very positive experience for me. They helped a lot in deepening my connection to the Divine and allowed me to connect into the angelic realms in a way I had never done before. I also formed some good friendships, a few of which still hold strong today.

The collective consciousness of this group overall was very positive. A lot of Light was brought in and a lot of great energetic work was done. The collective consciousness helped focus the energy in the meditations and I had some amazing experiences. The positives of all this are probably what allowed me to tolerate the more negative aspects of the collective consciousness for longer than I should have done. And by the time I took over these groups I wasn’t able to stop some of them running rampant.

There are two main areas of this side of the collective consciousness that I would like to focus on. Firstly there was a belief that the angelic realms were the only realms that you should work with. Secondly there was an obsession with entities and the dark side of energy work.

In looking at these two points I am not pointing fingers at anyone, and people in the groups were caught up in the collective consciousness to varying degrees. Some more so than others but everyone I believe was a good person.

The meditation groups were based around angelic meditations, channelled angelic Light and provided access to angelic guides. I often refer to the lady who ran them as the angel lady and angels were her primary focus. And this was a good thing as I’ve already mentioned.

However, there was an element of the collective consciousness that felt you should only work with angels and if you moved beyond that it would be to the Christ Light. If you worked with anything else, for example nature spirits, then it could lead you to a dark path and it was discouraged.

I work closely with dragon energies and a variety of different guides from a number of different realms. All my guides connect into the Light and they are all valid. Yes, dragon energies can be volatile but if worked with correctly and respectfully they are quite safe. Yes, some realms can have a darker aspect. The faery realm is an example of this as, much like humans, there is a light and dark side. When I work with this realm I work with guides from the light. I choose not to work with the dark and that’s my choice. It’s not for me to say what others should do or choose. I can give advice or relate examples of why I wouldn’t work with the dark but I would never shut someone down from making their own choice. Sometimes we all have to learn the hard way.

When I brought up my dragon connections a couple of times during the early days of going to this meditation group it was frowned upon. Let’s say the collective consciousness couldn’t understand why I would work with something that didn’t fit into it’s understanding. After these meditations some people would question me about dragons with genuine interest. Others would try and persuade me that I should only work with angels, as they can’t be corrupted by the dark.

“Why would you work with something other than angels? Why work with lower energies when you can work with the highest energies?” was a common question I was asked.

After awhile I stopped mentioning guides and realms that weren’t approved of, as it was just easier and I liked the group work. No one was ever mean or forceful with their opinions, just persistent. This just didn’t happen with me either but to a few people who stepped outside of the angelic work.

This is an example of how a person’s spiritual development can be stifled by a collective consciousness. Although the collective consciousness may think it is working for the greater good of a person it is actually not allowing them to experience their own journey their own way.

If you feel that a group you are working with is restricting you on your path then look closely and honestly at what is going on. This could be a meditation group, a spiritual workshop, online group work or it could be as simple as following someone on social media who puts themselves up as some kind of spiritual figurehead.

Whatever it is you need to question it, don’t just follow blindly. Do the pro’s of the collective consciousness outweigh the con’s?

If the answer is yes then look for a way to limit the cons so that you can continue with the work. A little bit like I did with the meditation group that I went to.

If the answer is no then you should seriously consider whether you still want to be a part of that group.

If I were to join a group now I wouldn’t let the collective consciousness dictate to me in the same way. And you shouldn’t either. You need to be able to express your spirituality in your way, as we are all individuals. Everyone has a unique connection to the Light even if the differences may be subtle.

Now to the second part that I mentioned, which was an obsession with entities. This is also where the collective consciousness went beyond just the two group nights. It’s the part that I got the most involved with too and the part that I couldn’t stop when I took over the groups.

I will quickly explain that at some stage the angel lady decided to move inter-state. This meant that she would no longer be able to run the groups. For various reasons she offered me the chance to take over these meditation groups, which I accepted. And most people in the groups accepted me in doing that. I was taught how to run them and everybody was very supportive.

Although they were still angel based I was a lot more open to non-angelic frequencies and so the collective consciousness shifted a little away from the first issue that I mentioned. It was not so pronounced and this did cause a couple of people not to come as regularly. I did things a little differently and this maybe didn’t suit everybody and so maybe it challenged certain aspects of the collective consciousness.

However, back to entities. This was an aspect of the group’s collective consciousness that was very entrenched and it carried on once I took over the groups.

The Light and angelic realms were the focus of the group work but with this came a desire to remove entities and clear dark, or negative, energy and egos. For some within the group it became an obsession and created a very unhealthy collective consciousness. I didn’t necessarily realise that at the time but looking back I can now see it for what it was.

This would involve, sometimes, having to go through a process of removing entities during group meditations. This would always happen at the beginning before the meditation circle started.

This extended beyond the group nights as well. It was not unusual to get a phone call on other days and be told that an entity was attached and it needed to be removed.

Both the above were embedded in the collective consciousness and were expected to happen on a regular basis by some members of the group.

When I took over the groups this continued as I thought it was a part of the process that needed to happen. I had become so entwined with this part of the collective consciousness that to me it was normal.

I checked people for entities on group nights and helped remove them. I let people ring me whenever they wanted saying they had an entity attached and could I help them remove it. A couple of people would call me nearly everyday, sometimes three or four times a day. You could say it got very out of hand.

I look back and realise I had gone down a very dark hole and had gotten out of my depth.

Once I was down that hole the Universe decided to teach me a lesson. I didn’t know it at the time but basically my guides let every entity going at me. It was as if they said, “You want to obsess over entities and you want to find them all the time? Well here they are, let’s see how you cope with this!”

Then it felt that they were there all the time, everyday. It got out of control and I didn’t cope but I thought I could still handle it. Which I couldn’t, but I was a stubborn fool.

My wife couldn’t cope with it either, but she was much smarter than me. Danielle reached out for help. She called the angel lady and our first teacher, the shamanic lady and told them what was going on.

I got phone calls from both of them quite quickly, on separate occasions. I was told off and lectured by both of them. But, more importantly, I was helped by both of them. They gave me good advice, explained a lot, and helped me to move forwards. I was also told to stop running the meditation groups, that they were to end. It was over.

I did stop and it did end. Just like that. No more entities, and with the ending of the groups no more collective consciousness. It all came to an end. I am extremely grateful to both those ladies and to Danielle for getting me out of a deep dark hole.

Also, I am very grateful to my guides for allowing me to learn that lesson. It would have been better for all concerned if I had acted sooner and it might have been a different outcome. Still I learnt a valuable lesson from it and I work very differently now when it comes to energy work.

Now I can’t just blame the collective consciousness for all those entity related issues. It played a big part but so did my own individual egos that fed off it.

This is an important lesson to learn that we have to take personal responsibility too. Yes the collective consciousness may drive issues forwards but how much do we choose to feed off it? What is our part in the process and how much are we influencing the collective consciousness. It can all become very entwined and very messy.

If you are involved in any kind of group work and you feel you are falling down a big dark hole then take a step back. Stop for a moment and breath. Look long and hard how the collective consciousness is affecting you and in turn how you are affecting the collective consciousness.

You need to be completely honest with yourself.

Can you walk away or can you help it change for the better?

Do you need to reach out for help?

Whatever the answer to those questions, if you are stuck in a hole, then you need to act. Because if you don’t the Universe will and it will teach you a very hard lesson if that is the only way you are going to learn.

Take it from me, I know. What I described in no way can explain the intensity of what my wife and I went through. It literally was madness at times. I learnt a massively hard lesson.

So if what I have written is ringing alarm bells with you then do something about it.

As I said at the beginning of this article group work can be amazing and the collective consciousness it generates can also be amazing. If your group is genuinely filled with this kind of energy and lots of Light then fantastic. Keep going with it and enjoy every moment of it.

But if the collective consciousness is on the flip side and heading down a path you don’t want to go then take a step back and re-evaluate the process. This is your journey, no one else’s. Reach out for help if you need it.

If you’ve read this far you can’t say you weren’t warned.

Take care and big love to you all,


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