Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment.  ~  Lao Tzu

I’m Jon and this is my outlet for all areas related to spirituality, mysticism, and metaphysical work.

In this day and age we all need a little help in some areas of life. By having the courage to ask for help you are taking the first steps towards creating a positive change.

If you need help with repairing or balancing your energy system, spiritual evolution, energetic house clearing, spiritual guidance or  anything else you feel may be related to this area of life then please have a look around my website.

Do not fear yourself and your amazing ability to change.

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Fear Of Expansion

The problem is, when you know this, how do you move forwards from it. Without bullshitting yourself with lame excuses and distractions. How do you move forwards past the self-sabotage and the self-resistance?

A Moment Of Simplicity

But right now in this moment it is just you. Just you and me. Engaging. Communicating. Our pasts are threads, like a spiders, crisscrossing through time. Gone, but not forgotten. Our futures are unknown, unpredictable, with multiple possibilities. But our stories will end in the same way.

Could You Be Loved?

It’s all about the love. It’s all about the music. It’s all about the words.

It all runs a little deeper than the love, the music and the words. It was all a slightly different experience for me in the way that you can be connected into the Divine. Not so much the process but the connection.

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