The Emerald Heart

02-hi-res-flared-heartThe Emerald Heart Light comes directly from the Source and is not based on any religion. It serves to transform and evolve the consciousness of all human beings who choose to work with it. In so doing it can help people over come many of the problems they face on their spiritual journey, and in everyday life, as well as empowering and guiding people.

As an Emerald Heart Practitioner, working with this amazing Light, I am able to help people in a multitude of ways including the following:

  • Energy System repair, which can include chakra balancing and aura repair, and the underlying reason for the damage.
  • Dissolving fears, worry and anxiety and finding the root cause of the problem.
  • Entity removal and the reason for the attachment.
  • Spiritual evolution and guidance on the journey.
  • Connection to spirit guides and the various energetic realms.
  • Dissolving past life issues and Soul repair.
  • Healing emotional issues, including inner child work.
  • Helping people to achieve lasting change and transformation.

If you need help with any of the above then please make an appointment by contacting me here.

This unique Light helps to let you stand in your own power, to reveal your Truth, evolve on your spiritual path and discover deeper spiritual truths. The journey is not always easy and often you will have to face your own fears as you look into your Heart Space. This Light will help you overcome those fears and restrictions and allow you to enjoy the journey of life. If you are willing to face your own challenge then please get in contact.

While we live in a 3rd dimensional reality the Emerald Heart Light allows practitioners to work in a 5th dimensional consciousness. This Light allows me to bring about very specific change, healing and transformation in an individual. It targets every client uniquely for what they need at the time of the appointment. In an Emerald Heart consultation we will target the issues that need to be looked at and the Guides will recommend a course of action. You will be sent Guided and Channeled notes after the consultation explaining the process that is unfolding.

I will guide you through the issues and safely take you step by step through the changes that need to occur, sometimes with the help of High Vibrational Light Essences and Emerald Heart Light programs.

Unless the consult is purely Guidance you will probably be recommended a High Vibrational Light Essence. If an essence is recommended it is taken over 4 weeks approximately. There is then a follow up consultation so the Guides can make sure the work was done satisfactorily and also allows you to ask questions concerning the process which has unfolded.

If complex repair, or evolutionary work, is needed you may be recommended to go on a Light Program. If a Program is recommended it will last approximately three months. It involves taking a High Vibrational Essence and you are also connected to a stream of Divine Light, either Emerald Heart or Wheel of Light, which allows for a much more powerful and deeper process to take place. There is then a follow up consultation after five weeks where the process that is unfolding will be reviewed and what can be expected over the following weeks.

Consultations are conducted in person, by phone, or by Skype. Which ever you prefer.


  • Consultation: $120 per hour (pro-rata, eg 30 mins would be $60)
  • Essences: $28 – $38 (depending on the essence)
  • Express post: $12 (for overseas please contact me)
  • Connection fee: Emerald Heart Program $195
  • Connection fee: Wheel of Light Program $230

More info about the Emerald Heart School is available here:Β Emerald Heart School

The latest news about all things Emerald Heart can be found here:Β The Emerald Heart Blog

To make an appointment or for more information please contact me here:

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