It’s A Trust Thing….. Part 2

This post is a follow on from my last post.

If you haven’t read part one I suggest you do so here: It’s A Trust Thing….. Part 1

Now I’ll carry on where I left off…

Now the big question. What happens when you have utmost trust but things still go wrong? Especially the big things in life that include war, famine, disease and death.

How do you have trust then?

How do you have trust when a close family member or friend gets cancer? How do you have trust when bombs are raining down on you, when there’s no more food to eat, when your home burns down, or any other major disaster that happens in your life?

I’m not sure there is only one answer to all of that.thinker

The cynics will say you can’t trust in something that lets all this happen and all the dialogue that goes with that.

Other people will say it was meant to be and it’s all part of a grand plan.

You will have your own viewpoint.

I personally don’t subscribe to either of the answers I gave above. I’m not God. How could I possibly know the answers to everything?

And that’s the thing. We are all human. We don’t understand everything. It’s not possible to see the whole picture that is playing out.

Some people will always be able to trust in the Divine and some people wont. And that’s OK. I’ve lost both my parents to cancer, friends in the past have committed suicide, and another good friend died of cancer at a young age.

At these moments I’ve questioned life, the universe and everything. I’ve struggled to trust that everything will be ok, that life goes on without the ones you care about.

Except it does.

And over time I’ve come to trust in myself. In my ability to carry on despite the overwhelming burden of grief that I feel. That I have the ability to live life. To comfort those around me and to try and make a positive difference in the world.

I’ve also come to realise that in trusting myself I also trust the Divine. Because within me I carry a spark of that Divine. You could call it your Soul or your Higher Self.

My soul is a spiritual being on a human journey that I believe has been through many lifetimes. Human or otherwise.

I don’t begin to pretend to understand everything that my soul needs to learn on this journey.

But I’ve learnt to take it as it comes. To take the good and the bad and to try and learn from it all. Sometimes life is amazing and I revel in it. Other times I’ve been brought to the depths of despair where I’ve even wandered why I bother with this thing we call life.

Somewhere inside myself though I’ve found that spark that keeps me going. That trust in myself that I will survive what is going on around me.

And in that moment of discovering trust I realise that I have no control over anything except myself and my actions. I get to choose how I react to the good and bad around me.

Sometimes those choices require me to seek help from others and to dig deep for answers. No one is ever expected to walk this journey alone. There are so many resources and people out there who are willing to help.

Trust yourself to ask for that help.

trust yourself

There is so much we don’t have control over on this planet of ours but we have control over ourselves to make choices. Be they good or bad. Humans have free will to make choices that no one not even God has control over. Now there’s a discussion waiting to happen.

The more good choices people make the less bad things will happen in the world. It’s a slow process but if you can trust yourself to make good choices then maybe other people can too.

An example of this is an African American woman called Rosa Parks.

On December 1st  rosa parks1955 she refused to give up her seat for a white passenger and violated the racial segregation laws of the time. This had a big impact on the post-war civil rights movement in the US.

One small act of courage and trust in the self can have world changing effects. Through one simple act Rosa Parks influenced enormous change.

Look her up on the Internet or in the history books. A movie has been made about her and ‘Dr Who’ recently dedicated a whole episode to her.

The stuff we have no control over such as natural disasters, disease, accidents etc. is a lot harder to come to terms with in how we can trust a greater force. There’s a bigger picture we don’t understand.

But in those moments some humans know they can make a difference and they trust in their own abilities to do so.

Some people perform amazing feats of bravery in helping others, or they co-ordinate incredible relief programs to help those who have suffered on mass.

The list is endless of what individuals have achieved in the face of adversity. The trust in their self-belief is nothing short of amazing sometimes.

Take chef Jose Andres for example. He was inspired to take action after watching hurricane Maria devastate Puerto Rico.

He mobilised a team througjose andresh his not-for-profit ‘World Central Kitchen’ that has fed more people than any government organisation or agencies such as the Red Cross have.

Through a network of kitchens Andres has served over 2.8 million meals across the island of Puerto Rico and hopes to empower communities through food. You can find out more about their work here: World Central Kitchen

So human beings have an amazing ability to trust in themselves and their ability to bring some Light into the world.

And out of this maybe, just maybe, when everything is at it’s worst someone somewhere is doing an extraordinary amount of good to bring hope to those who need it most.

That someone is embracing their divinity to bring about positive change. And when this happens I trust that a greater power than I can understand is working through a human being to bring some Light into this world of ours.

If we all can embrace our own divinity once in awhile we can all shine a little Light into the darkness.

It’s a trust thing.



It’s A Trust Thing….. Part 1

Do you ever change your mind?

To which the most obvious answer would be yes.

Well I just did in relation to this post.

I was going to write this post as a single post. Then I re-read it and felt I wasn’t doing the second half justice. In fact I’m not even sure I was agreeing with myself.

Ever do that? Second guess yourself.

So I’ve decided to write it in two parts. It will allow me to do the second half justice. So you’ll just have to hang in there for the bigger picture.

Anyway, here goes with part 1…..

I mentioned in my post ‘Winter Solstice on the Gold Coast’ that we were being forced to move. I explained in that post why, then I managed to get another couple of posts out, and then reality kicked in. The shit sailed close to the wind. Trust was challenged. But we moved at the last minute.swearing-294391__340

Yes, we did, after much stressing, swearing and having our faith in all those Universal Energies stretched to the limit.

This is one of the reasons you haven’t seen me for awhile. Well, along with a bit of laziness and a quick trip to Adelaide and some work thrown in on the side. I’ve still continued with my Emerald Heart clients as I feel it’s important not to let people down.

But now that I’m writing again it seemed appropriate to touch on that trust issue that we may or may not have with the Divine. How do you feel about it? I know opinions on this subject vary.

In the above case of us moving I needn’t have worried as we got a new home to live in and I’m grateful for that. It’s not perfect but for now it’s home and it has its bonuses. Especially with the wildlife, which is great for my eleven-year-old daughter who loves animals.

We came home one night to find a kangaroo grazing on the front lawn, we have an abundance of native birds out the back, including a bush turkey, and yesterday we got a visit from an eastern water dragon. I found her digging holes in the back yard, which apparently they do when looking for a place to lay eggs. How cool is that? And we love dragons in our household.


So I’m grateful for this house. Trust restored in the Universe you could say.

But it wasn’t like that in the middle of the chaos when we couldn’t find anywhere to live due to non-availability, too expensive or too far from my daughters school. Or just damn overpriced for a shit hole to put it bluntly. Which at one point we thought we were going to have to settle for.

Then this place popped up at the last minute, in a suburb we didn’t want to live in. Nice house, wrong area and a bit of a drive to school.

At the same time another place came along that we really wanted. Nice house, great area, close to school. We didn’t get it. This is when I was thinking that this trust thing is a load of old bull. Get out there and trust you’ll find the ideal place. Yeah, right. I don’t think so.

We took the nice house in the wrong area and you know what? It’s worked out OK. As I pointed out earlier it has its bonuses. Especially with the wildlife. Which is much more sociable than the neighbours who like to hide and avoid all forms of communication. Is it that hard to smile? I think I can write a whole other post on my neighbours and the exchange of energy between humans. Or lack of.

Which begs the question. Should I have trusted in the Universe from the beginning? To which I should probably answer yes. Have a little faith sometimes Jon because you can’t always see the bigger picture. That doesn’t mean it would of worked if we had done nothing. There is such a thing as the Universal Law of Reflection.


If you do nothing you get nothing. That Universal Guidance will reflect your intent. Make some effort and it will reflect that effort. It’s just that sometimes it isn’t reflected in quite the way we think it should be. And that’s where you have to trust that something is working out.

It’s like my Guidance was looking down on me and saying, “ What’s he stressing for? We’ve got a house lined up for him and his family. They’re putting in the hard yards and looking so we’ll give them something in return.

Might not be exactly what they want but maybe they should of started looking sooner. But they’re looking now so here’s an affordable home with some groovy creatures thrown in. It will do them for now.

But if he wants to give himself a heart attack well that’s his choice. He’s the one choosing to get his knickers in a twist. Nothing to do with us. Just have a bit of trust and settle down.”

They might not have said it exactly like that but you get the point. I was being my own worst enemy. Something I can be very good at. I think I need to choose to stop stressing and have a little bit more trust when it comes to everyday life.

So having a trust in the Divine when it comes to everyday life shouldn’t be too hard should it? Give it a go. I dare you. Just remember though that it will reflect the intent that you put in.

Now on a whole other level. What happens when you have utmost trust but things still go wrong? Especially the big things in life that include war, famine, disease and death. How do you have trust then?

That’s what I’m going to talk about in part 2. As they say “Watch this space”.


Animal Rescue or A Divine Challenge?

Hello everyone out there! I hope you are all keeping well. I have something a little bit different, for you, today. If you love animals you’ll like this.

I guess I could call this a guest post. Sendy is a long time client of mine and an even longer time friend. I think we’ve known each other since about 2005. That’s awhile, so I trust what she has to say.

What she has written here I was first told in a phone call and it is an amazing feet of courage. Especially considering everything Sendy has been through over the last couple of years.

So I’ll shut up now and let Sendy tell you about this experience she went through.


My name is Sendy Radecki. I live in Adelaide with my two cats Casper and Rosie. My beloved fury friends.20171216_182752

I have always loved animals and wished I could understand what they said. Little did I know then that this was something I was going to do. With all the spiritual work I have done, this has led me to where I am now. Practicing communicating with animals. To hopefully be of service to these souls. The story I’m sharing is one of my experiences.

In the month of May 2016 I came across a cockatiel in my tree. Not being a native bird I tried to see if it was tame and if it would come to me. Nope, but it looked very healthy. You do get escapees on occasion.

So I shared it on social media. There are so many volunteer pages, especially on Facebook, to find lost pets.

The bird didn’t hang around. So I asked Arch Angel Michael to keep the little one safe and help it find its way home.

Another week passed and I recognized the birdcall. Yep, he or she was back. Totally not interested in me. I spoke to it softly letting it know my yard was a safe place but warned it of the neighborhood cats. It was ok with my kitties as they are in a run. Again I called on Arch Angel Michael as I watched the little one fly off.

No takers on social media so I shared again. Little did I know I would see the bird once again and a couple of weeks later I heard that familiar sound.

I had just started my walk on one of the local jetties. I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard it. So I started looking for the cutie. I was also concerned about it being down the beach with other birds.

semaphore_jettyI was thrilled to see it was looking not too bad. There it was resting on a mound of seaweed. Calling to whomever would call back. I don’t believe in coincidences. I approached slowly. Talking very softly. Sending lots of love. Hoping the little one would remember me and I meant no harm. I tried again to see if it would come to me but on cue, flew off.

I watched where it was going, hoping it would circle back. It landed on the far end of the jetty. I felt relieved but someone scared it and it flew off again.

This time it went over the ocean. I was right on the waters edge now. I was calling on my angels, guides, St. Francis and anyone who could hear me to help this little soul fly to safety. You see it was floundering in the water. It was a windy day. Cold. The water was choppy.

By now I was beside myself. I wasn’t a good swimmer. Also I was already exhausted. I was recovering from breast cancer. I was in my fourth month since I had finished treatment. How was I going to save this little soul when just breathing exhausts me?

I quickly approached a young couple hoping the guy would help. The girl was very responsive. I asked the guy does he feel like being a hero today. But he just looked at me blankly and said it was too cold.

I’m watching the bird while I’m having this conversation. Watching it dip then fly up. Dips again, flies up again. No help from the guy. I couldn’t believe it. What happened to men coming to the aid of a woman?

Before I knew it I started to undress just as the little bird hit the water and didn’t come up. Next I’m in the water! Walking to the direction of the bird as fast as I could. The tide was out, but the sea was still up to my chest. My track pants got stretched quite a bit by the water and I went under a couple of times. But kept pressing forward!

There was the little one using its wings to stay afloat. My heart just broke seeing this little bird trying not to drown.

Amazingly the next wave brought the little one right into my arms! I scooped it up and held it close to my chest. The next thing I knew I was back on land. I couldn’t talk. I was so out of breath. I quickly put the bird in my jumper and tried to breathe. It happened all so fast to me!

My concern was for the bird that seemed very relieved and contented to be in my jumper. The young couple was still there. I’d like to think genuinely concerned for my safety. The young girl at least.

I managed to get a box from the kiosk and I got the little one to a 24-hour emergency vet. I was praying all the way there. I even had my left hand over the little one sending love and healing to it. I kept talking. Reassuring it I’m taking it to be treated and kept checking it was still alive!

I got to the vets and took a photo to share around again. They took the little one and said I can call back for an update.20160529_163344

Suddenly I heard a big squawk. The veterinary nurse came back out with my jumper and said ‘Someone wasn’t happy leaving his warm bed’. I was relieved. That was a good sign.

When I got home I called straight away. They said the bird was all fluffed up and sitting on the bottom of the cage. That wasn’t good. Birds go into shock easily so I knew it would be touch and go through the night. I prayed for the little one’s recovery. After all it had endured.

Then it all hit me. Oh my God, how did I manage to do what I did? I couldn’t imagine. I think I was the one in shock! It was lights out for me.

Next morning I got given some wonderful news. The little one made it through the night and was doing well. Later that day, as no one came forward, a rescue group took the little one until owners could be found.

The last I heard it had made a full recovery and was going to be adopted out due to no owners being found. My heart sang! Later I texted a couple of friends to share my adventure with them.

I was blessed with a message from the spirit realm telling me how important this experience was for me. I had a consultation where I was given guidance from the angelic realm.

I was told: “You were very brave to rescue the bird but in so doing you are stepping more into your role as an earth angel working with animals.

This was, in reality, a test to see if you would step into who you are. To connect with your soul on a much deeper level.

The bird was an angel that came to test your compassion and unconditional love. Intuitively you stepped up and went far above and beyond what was expected of you. Especially after all the hardship you have been through with your illness.

This is the start of change and the awakening of your soul purpose. You have a great ability to work with animals and you are now entering a deeper spiritual phase of that journey.”

As I said to you before, I didn’t believe in coincidences and what I was told confirmed this. My journey with animals continues.

Thank you Sendy for sharing this experience with us. When you first told me about it on the phone I was blown away by what had happened.

I know personally that your animal journey is progressing and introducing you to some interesting characters. How are the grumpy horses by the way?

I think you’ll all agree that Sendy is one brave lady to rescue a bird like that. I know challenges from the Divine can come in all shapes and sizes but this one was a big one. Not that Sendy knew that until after the event.

And that’s the point really. We don’t always know when we are being tested or challenged. Not that I’m saying that you should all go and jump in the ocean to test your faith in what ever it is you believe in.

Sometimes everyday life is just that. Challenging. Other times we have these divine curve balls thrown at us. We just don’t know it at the time.

It’s all part off the journey we are on. Some of us get an easy ride whilst some get an insanely hard ride. Either way the hardest part is getting through the hard times and how we react to them. Life’s not always fair but that’s another whole post waiting to be written.

On this occasion my friend Sendy rose to the challenge without even realising it was one. And what an incredible feat of compassion and courage she showed.

Till next time I hope that this journey we call life is good to you all.






A Voice Once Said…

It’s a Wednesday night on the Gold Coast. A chilly one at that too. By that I mean it’s cold. I’m not talking about some spicy Mexican dish. Wish I was eating one though.

But I digress. I was going to postpone posting this piece of writing till a little later but I’m being harassed by a greater force than my distraction ego. A certain one of my Guides is banging on the door saying get on with it. Get it out tonight and have done with it. Read More

Winter Solstice on the Cold Coast

Rebirth, transition, goals and intent.clouds-2709662__340

Winter Solstice is here.


Up in the northern hemisphere everyone is getting ready for Summer Solstice. If you are one of those people reading this have a great Summer Solstice. Enjoy the long days and the warm weather. And have fun with all the energy that Summer Solstice brings.

But down here in the southern hemisphere we are celebrating Winter Solstice, which is a different kind of energy. It is a time of rebirth.

It is midwinter, the shortest day and longest night of the year. And here where I live on the outskirts of the Gold Coast, in Australia, it feels that the nights have been a bit colder than usual for winter. I feel that this may be a reflection of the changes that are happening energetically around us.sea-2915194__340

The Solstice brings about change and this year it feels a little intense. It’s as if the God and Goddess have had a chat and come to a decision. And that decision is to say to us humans ‘wake up and get on with it’. Well, that’s how it feels for me. The year is turning and the days will start getting longer again. No time to hang around.

Traditionally Winter Solstice is a time for reflection. It allows us to look back at what we have achieved since the Summer Solstice. To see how life has changed and moved forwards. It’s winter, we can slow down energetically and look back and reflect. This reflection then allows us to move forwards.

In the stillness of the Solstice we can take a deep breath and set our visions for the future. As the warmth slowly comes back with the light our visions and dreams can grow. We can set our intent of what we want to achieve and change before the Summer Solstice comes knocking at our door. In the quiet of winter we can make our plans.


But this year the energy feels a little different. As I said, a little more intense. Change is happening whether we like it or not. Just look at what is going on around the world. Politically, environmentally and personally. ‘Time for change’ says the God, the Father. ‘Time to grow’ says the Goddess, the Mother. And I think we need to go with the flow on this one. To stay on the cutting edge of the energy that is hitting our planet, ourselves.

When a big shift in consciousness occurs it happens regardless of how we feel about it. And it can affect people in many different ways. Some will naturally feel it more intensely than others. Some may not even feel it at all.

For my immediate family and me we are being forced to move house. We rent and the owner would like the house back. For a perfectly reasonable reason I will add. We have until the beginning of September to find somewhere. Which we will. We always do. But it is an event we hadn’t catered for. It adds an extra dimension to life right now that I hadn’t anticipated.

Sometimes when the Divine pulls the rug out from under your feet it’s a good time to have a long hard look at what’s going on in life. I try and do that once I get over running around like a headless chicken in panic.

Interesting that this year it’s happened around Winter Solstice, the time of rebirth and transition. Just to intensify everything a little. At the moment I’m still in headless chicken mode. But as we go through the Solstice I’m going to try and enter stop, take a deep breath, and meditate mode.human-1031060__340

I find meditation is a great way to calm down and sometimes, God willing, to get some answers. I really recommend you try it over this Winter Solstice. Or if not meditation then whatever forms of relaxation you can achieve to connect to the Divine. Stop, breath and enter the stillness of the Solstice.

Where I live the epicentre of the Solstice will be at 8.07pm on Thursday 21st June. Once I get back from my late night shopping shift with our crystal business I’m going to meditate and have a few words with the powers that be.pexels-photo-269583

May I suggest you do the same and go with the flow. Honour yourself because you are worth it.

A Smile A Day…

Hello again!

Welcome to my second blog article. I’m going to cheat a little as I’m partly re-posting a piece I wrote for the Emerald Heart Blog back in 2011. I hope you don’t mind.

I was looking back through old files and came across this piece and thought it was still very relevant in our current times. I wrote it when I was a kindergarten teacher and felt that the values I applied to children I could also apply to adults that came to me as clients.

It feels a little strange re-reading it as it prompted me to think how life has changed since then. When I wrote it I was working in the Childcare Centre on a part-time basis. I was fairly new to this Centre at the time but I went on to become full time. And in fact started to shoulder a lot of responsibility within the Centre working with a vast array of young children.change-671374__340

Now I don’t work there anymore but instead run a crystal business with my wife. Since leaving kindergarten my client base has grown in terms of my Emerald Heart and Geomantic work. But I still feel that I need to apply some of the same principles that I had when working with the kids.

Human beings need to be valued and cherished be they young or old. If you don’t look after and respect other people how can you expect them to look after and respect you?

Anyway the cycle of life continues. I hope you gain something from the article below, that I wrote all those years ago.


I’d like to comment on responses, and hurting people’s feelings.

I now work with preschool children in a ‘kindy’ (kindergarten) on a part-time basis, mostly 4 – 5 year olds. This came about because God, the Light and the Guides pushed me in that direction this year. But how that came about I’ll save for another day.

We were taught a lot of theory at college and now I’m putting it into practice. One of the biggest things being how you interact and talk with children. How you respond to them is massively important. One word or sentence out of place can literally destroy their day.

They are all unique and different individuals who are just starting to grow into who they are, with so much to offer the world. I have learnt to be that empty vessel with them because they need that Light to shine on them. It doesn’t matter how I feel, I have to be the best that I can be with them all the time. Some of them have very difficult home lives, but for a few hours each day it is my job, along with other staff, to help them shine and feel important in what they do and hope to achieve.

Now this makes me think that I should be able to do this with adults too. To offer that smile, like Dave said in his recent Teaching, and to be the best that I can be for those people who wish to interact with me. Sometimes life doesn’t always work out how you think it should, and sometimes people don’t always return that smile, but it doesn’t mean we should stop smiling or stop trying.

I don’t think I put it as eloquently as Dave but I hope you know where I’m coming from.


Two things stand out for me reading this again.

The first is the sentence: “It doesn’t matter how I feel, I have to be the best that I can be with them all the time.”

I know that it can be hard to do that in life sometimes. But occasionally when some one needs our help we have to put our own difficulties aside and focus 100% on the person in front of us. Be you a parent, a teacher, a spiritual healer, or anything else come to that you have to give your best. If we can all do that I believe that slowly the world will become a better place.


The second is the sentence: “Sometimes life doesn’t always work out how you think it should, and sometimes people don’t always return that smile, but it doesn’t mean we should stop smiling or stop trying.”

A smile can make a huge difference to a person’s day. The energy and the Light that is given out when you smile are amazing. And the beauty of it is that anyone can smile. Really anyone can. You can bring fantastic healing to a stranger just by smiling at them. I remember how a child’s face would light up just by giving them a smile. That simple.

Here’s a challenge. Smile at the next three people you meet regardless of who they are or how old they are. Go on, I dare you.

Who Am I ?

Hi and welcome to my blog.

Welcome to the first post of the first blog I have written.

Some of you may know me but a lot of you probably wont. So I will start by telling you who I am, what I do and why I am writing this.

In a nutshell!

DSC_0444My name is Jon; I’m an Emerald Heart practitioner, geomancer, meditation teacher and card reader with over ten years experience. I’m also a partner in my wife’s crystal and suncatcher business.

I decided to write a blog to give you my view on spirituality, energy work, mysticism, the metaphysical and all areas related to the Divine. This is what the blog will focus on so if you’ve come for how to make a decent cup of tea this is not the place for you. Well, unless you want to hear about my encounter with a poltergeist over a cup of tea, which I will write about in a later post. Stay tuned as they say.

That’s it in a nutshell. Well it would be if I was writing it in a hazelnut size nutshell, but I’m going for a coco de mer size nutshell so there’s more. Oh and you can look up coco de mer as apparently it’s the worlds largest nut. Just make sure you do that after reading my blog first. Thank you.

Who am I?

I was born in 1966. I’m a Libran and a Fire Horse. I became interested in the mysteries of the Earth and the Universe at a young age, whilst living in Birmingham, England.

I loved books like ‘Lord of the Rings’, fell in love with the movie ‘Star Wars’, wanted to be Doctor Who & Johnny Rotten, had a crush on Suzi Quatro, played Dungeons & Dragons and had a great fascination with stone circles. I was brought up in a run of the mill Christian household, which involved church on Sunday but nothing too heavy. I also became involved with the other English religion called football and, for my crimes, became a Leeds United supporter at a very young age.

I started life as a nomad. Mainly due to my father being a career man and moving constantly for his promotions.

It was during the early nomadic years of my life that I was taken to see a stone circle and the energy and impact of it lodged itself somewhere within me. It is something that has stayed with me ever since and whenever I’m home in England I always take the opportunity to visit at least one stone circle. They fascinate me and so do the earth energies that run under them. I shall write about them later, including when the sky turned blood red above Stone Henge.

Merry Maidens, Cornwall, England

As a child I was quite open to my spiritual side, believed in God, the pagan Celtic mythology of the land I lived in, and had some powerful intuitive dreams. Some of the dreams were fantastic like flying with dragons and some were very scary including having a repetitive dream about witches in my ceiling. I’d like to tell you about them one day and their spiritual connotations.

cissbury ring
Cissbury Ring, West Sussex, England

At the age of twelve dad got another promotion and we moved to Worthing on the south coast of England. Moving to Worthing allowed me to explore Cissbury Ring and Chanctonbury Ring on a regular basis. Two prehistoric hill forts that are well worth investigating and dowsing for earth energies. There were also trips to Devils Dyke and the Longman of Wilmington. If you have an interest in the ancient landscape of southern England these are all places you should visit.

At the age of fourteen my parents got divorced. Mum, my sister and myself moved back to Birmingham.

In my older teen years I started to shut down to my spirituality. Instead I gravitated towards the football terraces. It gave me an outlet for the anger and anguish that comes from parents separating. Half my football life was given to following my beloved Leeds United when they played any of the local teams in and around Birmingham. The other half was going with my Aston Villa supporting mates to watch their team. Either which way there was a flirtation with the football hooliganism of the early 1980’s. Which is nothing to be proud of but it’s important to be honest.

When you are a practitioner of any sort your clients need to trust you and to have trust you need to have honesty, including the mistakes and misdemeanours of youth. It is part of your human journey and your souls journey. It’s what makes you who you are.

I left school and moved back to Worthing where I acquired a little brother from my dad’s second marriage. I then moved on to Eastbourne where I went to college and formed some amazing lifelong friendships. During this time I had two frightening supernatural experiences. But I’ll tell you about them another time.

eastbourneI emerged in my early 20’s as a punk rocker and anarchist trying determinedly to change the world for the better through whatever it took. I was forever looking outwards and never inwards in my desire for human and animal welfare. I denied the existence of God and most spirituality, although I did always feel a connection to the Celtic roots of England. That aspect of my spirituality never changed.

In the early 1990’s I moved to Australia with all my anarchist punk views. I got married to my first wife, but was separated by the mid 1990’s. I still wanted to change the world and I was still looking outwards and never inwards.

This changed in the late 90’s when my courageous father went through and died of cancer. He was 61. This was one of the saddest moments in my life and was a massive shock to the system. I left Australia and returned to England to help nurse him through the last few months of his life. A heart breaking time for all those involved.

This caused the start of a break down within me and led to overindulgence in drugs and alcohol. Ironically it was the start of my spiritual re-awakening, although I was not aware of this yet.

I ran away from the emotion and moved to Brisbane, Australia. I met and fell in love with Danielle who I eventually married. Over the next few years we lived and worked in Australia and England, did a lot of traveling and led a fairly hedonistic lifestyle. There is something to be said for life experience if you can learn from it and grow.

With the help of Danielle I broke my drug addiction. I was beginning to realise that to change the world on the outside you need to look inwards and change yourself on the inside.

To grow spiritually as a human being you have to face up to yourself. You have to be honest about all your faults and all your issues. You have to conquer your demons. Then your soul can grow and you can start to change. It’s not easy though. Confronting yourself is bloody hard work but you take the first step and then the next step and…


One of those steps for me came in 2004 when Danielle introduced me to my first teacher, Beverly, Earth Stone Mother Woman. It was the beginning of a shamanic journey. This amazing lady took me into deep meditative states. Through the soul journeying I went on I received much needed healing whilst the Universe opened me up to the beginnings of my Spiritual Journey.

It was my first knowing encounter with some of my Guides. I’m sure some had been there my whole life but this was the first time I had an understanding of them. They took me on some incredible journeys in to the Devic Realms and gave me much needed knowledge.

In 2005 we relocated to Adelaide. Danielle joined a meditation group, which was based around guided angelic meditations. At first I held back as at the time I still equated angels with Christianity. I was still rebelling against religion and I can be stubborn. Still I missed meditation and decided to give it a go. Danielle had also told me that the group had nothing to do with religion. I’m glad I went because it turned out to be another huge step in my spiritual journey.

Roxeen, the angel lady, ran the group. I became connected to my Angelic Guides and started to gain a deeper understanding of the Angelic Realm. My consciousness expanded and I learnt a lot. I was taught how to run meditation groups and became a meditation teacher. I practiced being an angel card reader as I discovered that I had the ability to read cards.

Running meditation groups was a huge learning curve with how spiritual energy works, both good and bad, light and dark. It was a good lesson in realising that we don’t know as much as we think we do and that we need to show humility and respect for the energetic process. What happened in Adelaide, while running meditation groups, is a whole story unto itself so I will save that for another time.

Roxeen recommended that I read a book called ‘Dancing with the Devil as you Channel in the Light’ by David Ashworth. So I did. It opened my eyes up and gave me a new perspective about energy work.

Towards the end of our time in Adelaide Danielle gave birth to our beautiful daughter. It was the most magical moment in my life to see that precious life form arrive in to the world. On the flip side Danielle may disagree about the moment, as it was a very difficult birth. Us men need to be honest and accept that we will never ever know what that feels like.

We returned to live in England in 2007. First in Spalding, with my mum, before getting our own place in Brighton. After my experiences in Adelaide I decided to give teaching meditation a miss. I was a little damaged in that area. However I did get a job, in Brighton, as the resident angel card reader in a shop. I found this very fulfilling and certainly had some interesting clients.

Then the Emerald Heart Light came along. Life changed again. At this point you may start to see a pattern emerge. Danielle contacted David Ashworth for an appointment. Danielle went first and I followed. That’s the pattern. I owe Danielle a lot for this with her leaps of faith. Like I said I can be stubborn and I like to put barriers up. It’s not just with the spiritual stuff either. I can huff and puff about a lot of things. I’m getting better at it though, having these leaps of faith.

I followed and had an appointment with Dave too. Well several actually. I stepped in to the Emerald Heart Light, which forced me to look closely at myself. A little way down the track I got an email inviting me to study to become an Emerald Heart practitioner. I knew I couldn’t turn the opportunity down. Thanks to my mum, who leant me the money, I jumped in feet first.

02-hi-res-flared-heartIn 2009 I met my third teacher, spiritual visionary David Ashworth, at the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment. I studied and qualified to become an Emerald Heart Practitioner. Stepping into this amazing Light has challenged me but in so doing has pushed my Spiritual Evolution to new levels. I have learnt more about the complexities of energy work and have also grown in my role as healer and teacher.

My own challenges and lessons certainly help me to work with my clients as they grow on their spiritual journeys. This growth never stops and I am constantly evolving on my journey. Experiencing moments of enlightenment and trying to learn from my mistakes.

This growth led me to my next teacher Sig Lonegren. This brought back in the shamanic side to my life. Sig is one of the world’s top dowsers and practitioners of geomancy. He builds amazing labyrinths too. Through his teaching I learnt how to dowse the earth energies and heal sick houses. I simply and safely learnt how to clear houses, and people, of all the nasty energetic stuff that can fly around. He also taught me how to draw labyrinths big and small. We often have fun as a family drawing them in the sand at the beach.

Ancient Labyrinth Carving, Cornwall, England

At the end of 2010 we decided to move back to Australia. Where we still live to this day on the Gold Coast. Not long after we got back my mum was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. This was the other saddest moment in my life. I never got to see my amazing beautiful mum again. For one reason or another I couldn’t get back to England before she passed away at the start of 2011. I will be forever grateful to my sister who nursed her through the last few months of her life. Many phone calls were made though and I was on the phone with her as she passed away. Mum was 83 and I still miss her.

There is a positive I can take from this though. I had an incredible experience just before I received the phone call from my sister letting me know mum was slipping away. I was in a deep meditation and I walked down the tunnel of light with my mum. I was only able to go so far but I watched the start of her crossing over. I wont go in to all the details here now but I am blessed to have had such an experience to see and feel this.

beachSo here I am on the Gold Coast with Danielle and our daughter. My main focus energetically is the work that I do. I am an Emerald Heart practitioner with clients all around Australia. I also do house clearings for people as and when they need it.

I am learning that you have to be open to all possibilities. That sometimes you have to end things, no matter how passionate you are about them, and other times you have to start things, no matter how apprehensive you are. To stay on the cutting edge of spirituality and energy work you have to constantly be open to the ever-changing Universal energies. As Universal energy evolves you need to as well.

Which is probably why I have decided to start writing a blog. My guidance has been banging on the door for a long time to get me to do this and I’m finally taking the plunge. I hope you’ll come along for the ride.

Done and dusted.

Thank you for reading my first post. Now you know a little bit about me.

Back in the mists of time someone said, “We are not human beings on a spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings on a human journey.”

I do like that quote as I feel the journey is never ending. I am constantly evolving, as the Spiritual Path continues for a whole lifetime. Through the challenges I face and the lessons I learn I have gained much experience and understanding as to how spiritual energy works and how I can help others with their healing and journeys.

Clients come to me for various reasons on this path. Healing for their energy systems, guidance, spiritual evolution, a teacher, entity removal, balancing the energy in their homes to name but a few. Some clients are new to this spiritual journey, some are old hands at it and some are teachers in their own right but all get the help they need.

Oh and for the record, in case you were wandering? I still love stone circles and Star Wars. I don’t have a crush on Suzi Quatro anymore. I don’t want to be Johnny Rotten either. But I would still love to be Doctor Who. And I still support Leeds United. God bless ‘em.

Travel safe and be blessed,


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