Listen To Your Heart


How are you all?

It’s been a few months since I wrote anything. And there are probably quite a few reasons why I haven’t. And I’ve missed it.

So here I am writing something. I was actually sitting here just finishing off an email to a client and a voice said, “You need to write something”.

“I do?” I thought.

“Yes you do,” said the voice again.

“I do! And I will!” thought I. “But what shall I write?”

“You’ve already written it,” said the voice “and you’ve already published it, but the world needs to hear it again.”

So I quickly checked some old files that I had written a while ago for the Emerald Heart Blog and was re-reading them.

“Those two will do” said the voice, “Oh and publish the oldest second. Let’s go in reverse order.”

Now this might all read a bit weird but bear with me. I’m not mad, I think. But I do have random moments of communicating with the Divine. Often when I least expect it.

So when I refer to this mystical voice I am talking about the Divine, or God, or whatever you choose to call that all pervading energetic force. It’s just a word. Call it what you like.

I’m going to call it Divine Guidance, although sometimes I refer to it as God. Which used to challenge me, and I know it challenges a lot of other people too. But like I said it’s just a word. Don’t get caught up in all the historical connotations of it, as hard as that can be.

If you read my article A Voice Once Said… you’ll know that I’ve mentioned Divine Guidance before. If you want to read it just click on the link above.

Anyway back to the plot.

Here’s what I wrote a couple of years ago. And re-reading it still seems relevant. It made me think too about what has occurred in life since I wrote it. Make of it what you will.


I was woken up at 5.42am the other day by God asking me to write down Guidance, not just for myself but to share with others too. I find in these moments that the words come very quickly and I write them down as given. To me the meaning seems quite clear but others may interpret the words differently. It is quite possible that some people may already know this message but others may not. So it is given here with love for people to take, as they will.

Guidance speaks:

“Your world is changing rapidly, but this is nothing new. It has always been evolving and changing and moving forwards. Sometimes it just moves faster than at other times.

Let me explain and I will talk in language that people can understand. Well some people as others will never understand in a lifetime. But that’s ok as understanding can take many lifetimes for some souls. It all depends on how evolved they are.

The old is dying and the new is coming in. It’s irrelevant how people feel about that as it’s happening and it’s the way it is. People can fight it or they can go with it. Your choice! You have a right to choose, but for every choice there is a reaction and you have to be responsible for your own choice and the reaction to it.

Humans can choose to live in their heart space or their head space. What people call positives comes from the heart space and the negatives come from the head space. It’s that simple! Your sciences will prove that one day when they catch up, and your old religions have been left behind a long time ago, with some enlightened exceptions within them.

It’s an interesting concept that so many humans want to progress to a certain point and then stop. Why stop? Why not keep progressing?

Humans love their rules and regulations. That’s why your old religions are stuck. No progression. No evolution. It says in the ‘book’ what you can and can’t do. What you can and can’t believe. What an out-dated thought process! That’s living in the head space.

Living in the heart space would allow the ‘book’ to be re-written. It would allow humans to progress and to join in the evolution of the universe they live in. To reach out and touch the heart of the planet they live on and in turn touch the heart of the universe they live in.

Just reach out and touch. Don’t be scared. You can touch me and tap into the Divine Energy of just being.

Being at one with everything that is, ever was and ever will be.

Everybody can do it.

Humans just need the tools to understand how to step out of the head space and into the heart space.

It is true that breaking down the mind is very hard for a lot of people, but it is possible for all of them. It is possible for all of humanity to evolve. It really is.

The reality is though that some of humanity just simply doesn’t want too, and others are simply to scared to. But how difficult is it to step beyond fear, greed or corruption. Although I will say that greed and corruption stem from fear. Even hate comes from fear. Fear is the common denominator that sits at the root of everything that goes wrong in the head space.

The mind is really what people should call a computer. It is a tool that if used wisely will aid an individual’s evolution and humanities, as a whole, evolution. Or progression if you prefer that word. Some of the most enlightened souls on the planet have great minds, but these souls know that the mind needs to be governed by the heart and not the other way around.

This is not some great mystery waiting to be discovered. It’s just the way it is. Humans have a great way of complicating the simple.

The simplicity of the message is:

Step into the Heart.

Step out of the head and step out of fear.

Step into the heart and touch everything that is. Then change happens. Eternal love happens and then nothing stays the same. Progression occurs and life gets better. For the individual and humanity as a whole.

Mother Earth, as a living organism, has already done that. Humanity, as a living organism, needs to keep up or it will get left behind. The choice is yours!

Now let’s watch and see which members of humanity understand the simplicity of this message and which members try and complicate the message.”



It’s good to re-read stuff you’ve written before. I needed to hear that again. I need to take it on board and act on it. In the best way that I can. For me it’s not always easy to step out of some of the fears that restrict me, but I try.

If we all tried to face our own fears, maybe conquer one or two of them, then life may just run a little more smoothly.

And if we feel more with our hearts instead of getting lost in our heads then maybe the world might start to become a better place.

The choice is ours.


As I mentioned at the start of this article I was asked to publish two previous posts. The second will come in a few days time and will be a little more in-depth than this one. A part of it will explain how Judas was not the bad guy in history but maybe not in a way you might at first think. Stay tuned as they say.

Now time for some self-promotion. Hey we all do it. Ha ha. I’m just being honest about it.

The energy work I do using the Emerald Heart Light alows me to look at and help people disolve certain fears and issues that reside in the Heart Space. Paticulary those related to past lives and the inner child.

If you’d like to know more about this and other aspects that the Emerald Heart Light helps with then please check out  The Emerald Heart page.

Once again thanks for listening and enjoy your week.



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