What’s A Geomantic House Cleanse?

You can get a fresh start in life with a geomantic house cleanse.

So what is it?

Before I answer that, here are a few questions to ponder over.

  • Do you feel constantly tired and drained of energy?
  • Are you waking up during the night from nightmares?
  • Does the energy in your home feel consistently stagnant or dense?
  • Do you feel that you are not alone in your home and that another presence is watching you?
  • Does one of your children refuse to sleep in their bedroom or enter another room in the house?
  • Is there a general vibe around the house that no one can explain?

If the answer is yes to one or more of these questions then your home could be in need of a geomantic house cleanse.

But what I guess you are thinking right now is what the heck is a geomantic house cleanse?

Well read on and I’ll explain.

Firstly I’ll define what I’m talking about by a house cleanse.

I’m referring to the energetic cleansing of a house not the mop and bucket kind. No dusters, cleaning products or vacuum cleaners here. As my wife will tell you I’m not so good at that side of house cleansing.

An energetic house cleanse refers to the removing of unwanted and detrimental energies and entities in the home.

Detrimental energies could be constant anger, underlying tension, unexplained sadness, for example. You could add to that and make a long list. Generally it’s when a house feels like it contains a lot of negative energy. The vibes are bad ‘man’.

By entities I mean ghosts, ghouls, lost souls and all other beings related to that catchall phrase.


Once the detrimental energies and entities are removed a balancing of the home’s energies then occurs. Everything is brought back into alignment and the home’s occupants are given an energetic clean sheet. I will clarify that last statement by saying the home is given an energetic clean sheet. It doesn’t mean that the occupants’ personal problems are all solved. That’s a whole other ballgame.

So where does the geomantic part come in?

Geomancy literally means ‘divining the earths energies’. It works with the energies that flow through Mother Earth. For example Leys, Energy Leys and Primary Water Veins. It helps us to look at those energies and to see where they may benefit us but also where they may be detrimental to us.

A geomancer learns to work with the energies of Mother Earth and how to utilise them. A geomancer works with the Spirit of the land and listens very closely to it.

This allows sacred space to be created inline with the earth’s energies. It allows that sacred space to resonate to it’s fullest potential. It allows the people using that sacred space to be connected much more closely to other dimensions and spiritual beings. It brings us closer to other realms and their inhabitants.

This creation of sacred space goes far back into the mists of time in all cultures around the world. The ancient places I feel connected to most closely are the Stone Circles in my homeland of England.

Having said that, in Australia, where I live now there are many sacred places. And sacred space is still connected very strongly to the indigenous peoples that have been its custodians for at least 80,000 years.

But sacred space needs to be respected and understood because what can be beneficial can also be harmful. And a geomancer should understand this.

A geomancer also understands the difference between sacred space and secular space.

When referring to secular space I am talking about the places where we live and work on a day-to-day basis.

In sacred space we wish to become closer to the divine and a geomancer can enhance this connection.

However in secular space it may be important for a geomancer to reduce this connection. Now this doesn’t mean that a geomancer will help in blocking your connection to the divine completely. But when you are operating an industrial power saw you don’t want to be off with the fairies. Have a think about that for a moment

Certain earth energies also act in a particular way that can create negative energy and attract nasties of a darker spiritual nature. These nasties, or entities, can be very disruptive and in some cases quite damaging.

This is often known as geopathic stress and it can contribute to all the questions I asked at the beginning of this article. Along with other spiritual, emotional and physical issues. And it most definitely contributes to ‘haunted house’ scenarios.

haunted house

This is where a geomantic house cleanse comes into the equation.

Now I’m not going to speak for all geomancers as everyone is different and has their own way of doing things. But I’ll explain how this works from my point of view.

What I will say though is that in my experience all geomancers have an ability to dowse. Using pendulums, divining rods or some such similar tool.

It is also likely that most geomancers will have worked or studied with other geomancers to learn how all of this works.

I had the pleasure of learning about geopathic stress, and how labyrinths are created, from Sig Lonegren. His knowledge of geomancy and dowsing far exceeds mine so I will provide a link to his webpage at the end of this blog post.

When I do a geomantic house cleanse I do all of the steps I mentioned earlier in a house cleanse but I also fix any geopathic stress involved and balance the earth energies under a house.

I work very closely with my Guides when I do this process and always seek permission from the Divine before working on someone’s home. This is important because sometimes, for whatever reason, you are not allowed to do the work. And this really does apply to all energetic and spiritual work because karma sucks when you do what you’re not meant to do. Trust me I know. I’ve learnt my lesson on that one.

Once permission is granted I send my client a detailed questionnaire to fill out so as to ascertain what the problem is and to get some background information.

I also ask my client to draw a basic map of their home and where it sits on their property, or in a block of units for example. This allows me to employ a process called map dowsing.

Map dowsing allows me to work from home on the client’s property. It means that I don’t have to be directly exposed to problems that are going on in my client’s home. I can work in my safe sacred space, communing directly with my Guides, to complete all of the necessary work involved. People sometimes call this distant healing. It allows me to work with anyone anywhere in the world.

A basic example of how I dowse Earth Energies

At this point I will say that my Guides do most of the work, I am just the physical connection that is needed to do this energetic work. Sometimes this physical connection may require me to go to a client’s house after the map dowsing part of the work has been done, or a client may request that I come to their home.

Regardless of what is needed or what I’m asked to do the energetic problems in the house will be resolved.

If there are any ghosts or ghoulies in the house they will be removed.

Any earth energies running under the house will be balanced. All negative earth energies will be neutralised, redirected or removed completely.

Stagnant energy will be removed from the house and the homes energies will be brought into alignment.

Protection will then be put around the home and an information sheet will be sent to the client telling them what to expect including advice on what to do and not to do. I also send detailed notes explaining the process and what was involved.

If the client needs to ask questions they can. If they feel something hasn’t been fixed we’ll have another look at it to see if anything has been missed.

After three months I send out a review form to make sure everything is on track and that nothing else has come up.

And that’s it in a nutshell. A geomantic house cleanse. I say in a nutshell because this is a basic outline of what occurs and what’s involved. It can be more complicated and in-depth than the way I’ve portrayed it here.

The extra benefit of a geomantic house cleanse is the work done on the earths energies. This is because it removes the root cause of why some negative energy is trapped in a space and why some dark nasties are attracted in the first place.

Negative, or damaged, earth energies can create a negative vortex that can attract and hold negativity. They can also play havoc on your emotional and physical health. These same earth energies can become highways for ghosts, dark entities, etc. And a negative vortex can be a feeding ground for them.

So if you cleanse a house but don’t fix any earth energy damage then sooner or later similar problems will arise. I believe that healing any geopathic stress is so important to a proper house cleanse. Obviously if there is no geopathic stress then this side of it is not an issue. But if you don’t have a geomantic survey how will you know?

happy home
We all deserve a Happy Home

Every house has it’s own story and the older the house the more abundant the stories. Over time house’s hold energy good and bad. It literally seeps into the walls and then sometimes back out into the occupants lives.

Who has lived and died in the house? What amazing acts of love have happened in the house or what horrendous acts of violence have been commited? And what earth energies are running under the house keeping it all together or helping it to fall apart?

Since learning how to carry out a geomantic house cleanse I have worked on a lot of houses including my own. It’s amazing what I discover sometimes and it has certainly allowed many of my clients to have peace of mind.

So if you can answer ‘yes’ to any of the questions I posed at the start of this article I would seriously consider getting a geomantic house cleanse.

If you would like me to carry out the work then you can contact me here:

For more info on what I do go here: Geomantic House Clearing

Don’t try this at home kids!

You’ve all heard that saying before. In this case it’s important. If you don’t know what you are doing don’t do it. Leave it to someone who does. I say that with your best interests at heart. Getting out of your depth with energy and spiritual work can be a painful and debilitating process. I speak from experience with that too. I sure do like to learn the hard way. And learning the hard way has cost me time and money when instead I could have just listened to sound advice.

If you would like to read a lot more about geomancy, and it is a fascinating subject, I would recommend two websites to start with:

Once again, thanks for reading and please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions.




2 thoughts on “What’s A Geomantic House Cleanse?

  1. When I moved rental properties, Jon tuned in and cleansed the home and balanced the earth it sits on. There was something that needed to be removed. I’ve been here 4 years now. Still has that lovely feel. Even the neighborhood cats stay in the garden if they need healing. As Sir Black a stray let me witness x

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