Animal Rescue or A Divine Challenge?

Hello everyone out there! I hope you are all keeping well. I have something a little bit different, for you, today. If you love animals you’ll like this.

I guess I could call this a guest post. Sendy is a long time client of mine and an even longer time friend. I think we’ve known each other since about 2005. That’s awhile, so I trust what she has to say.

What she has written here I was first told in a phone call and it is an amazing feet of courage. Especially considering everything Sendy has been through over the last couple of years.

So I’ll shut up now and let Sendy tell you about this experience she went through.


My name is Sendy Radecki. I live in Adelaide with my two cats Casper and Rosie. My beloved fury friends.20171216_182752

I have always loved animals and wished I could understand what they said. Little did I know then that this was something I was going to do. With all the spiritual work I have done, this has led me to where I am now. Practicing communicating with animals. To hopefully be of service to these souls. The story I’m sharing is one of my experiences.

In the month of May 2016 I came across a cockatiel in my tree. Not being a native bird I tried to see if it was tame and if it would come to me. Nope, but it looked very healthy. You do get escapees on occasion.

So I shared it on social media. There are so many volunteer pages, especially on Facebook, to find lost pets.

The bird didn’t hang around. So I asked Arch Angel Michael to keep the little one safe and help it find its way home.

Another week passed and I recognized the birdcall. Yep, he or she was back. Totally not interested in me. I spoke to it softly letting it know my yard was a safe place but warned it of the neighborhood cats. It was ok with my kitties as they are in a run. Again I called on Arch Angel Michael as I watched the little one fly off.

No takers on social media so I shared again. Little did I know I would see the bird once again and a couple of weeks later I heard that familiar sound.

I had just started my walk on one of the local jetties. I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard it. So I started looking for the cutie. I was also concerned about it being down the beach with other birds.

semaphore_jettyI was thrilled to see it was looking not too bad. There it was resting on a mound of seaweed. Calling to whomever would call back. I don’t believe in coincidences. I approached slowly. Talking very softly. Sending lots of love. Hoping the little one would remember me and I meant no harm. I tried again to see if it would come to me but on cue, flew off.

I watched where it was going, hoping it would circle back. It landed on the far end of the jetty. I felt relieved but someone scared it and it flew off again.

This time it went over the ocean. I was right on the waters edge now. I was calling on my angels, guides, St. Francis and anyone who could hear me to help this little soul fly to safety. You see it was floundering in the water. It was a windy day. Cold. The water was choppy.

By now I was beside myself. I wasn’t a good swimmer. Also I was already exhausted. I was recovering from breast cancer. I was in my fourth month since I had finished treatment. How was I going to save this little soul when just breathing exhausts me?

I quickly approached a young couple hoping the guy would help. The girl was very responsive. I asked the guy does he feel like being a hero today. But he just looked at me blankly and said it was too cold.

I’m watching the bird while I’m having this conversation. Watching it dip then fly up. Dips again, flies up again. No help from the guy. I couldn’t believe it. What happened to men coming to the aid of a woman?

Before I knew it I started to undress just as the little bird hit the water and didn’t come up. Next I’m in the water! Walking to the direction of the bird as fast as I could. The tide was out, but the sea was still up to my chest. My track pants got stretched quite a bit by the water and I went under a couple of times. But kept pressing forward!

There was the little one using its wings to stay afloat. My heart just broke seeing this little bird trying not to drown.

Amazingly the next wave brought the little one right into my arms! I scooped it up and held it close to my chest. The next thing I knew I was back on land. I couldn’t talk. I was so out of breath. I quickly put the bird in my jumper and tried to breathe. It happened all so fast to me!

My concern was for the bird that seemed very relieved and contented to be in my jumper. The young couple was still there. I’d like to think genuinely concerned for my safety. The young girl at least.

I managed to get a box from the kiosk and I got the little one to a 24-hour emergency vet. I was praying all the way there. I even had my left hand over the little one sending love and healing to it. I kept talking. Reassuring it I’m taking it to be treated and kept checking it was still alive!

I got to the vets and took a photo to share around again. They took the little one and said I can call back for an update.20160529_163344

Suddenly I heard a big squawk. The veterinary nurse came back out with my jumper and said ‘Someone wasn’t happy leaving his warm bed’. I was relieved. That was a good sign.

When I got home I called straight away. They said the bird was all fluffed up and sitting on the bottom of the cage. That wasn’t good. Birds go into shock easily so I knew it would be touch and go through the night. I prayed for the little one’s recovery. After all it had endured.

Then it all hit me. Oh my God, how did I manage to do what I did? I couldn’t imagine. I think I was the one in shock! It was lights out for me.

Next morning I got given some wonderful news. The little one made it through the night and was doing well. Later that day, as no one came forward, a rescue group took the little one until owners could be found.

The last I heard it had made a full recovery and was going to be adopted out due to no owners being found. My heart sang! Later I texted a couple of friends to share my adventure with them.

I was blessed with a message from the spirit realm telling me how important this experience was for me. I had a consultation where I was given guidance from the angelic realm.

I was told: “You were very brave to rescue the bird but in so doing you are stepping more into your role as an earth angel working with animals.

This was, in reality, a test to see if you would step into who you are. To connect with your soul on a much deeper level.

The bird was an angel that came to test your compassion and unconditional love. Intuitively you stepped up and went far above and beyond what was expected of you. Especially after all the hardship you have been through with your illness.

This is the start of change and the awakening of your soul purpose. You have a great ability to work with animals and you are now entering a deeper spiritual phase of that journey.”

As I said to you before, I didn’t believe in coincidences and what I was told confirmed this. My journey with animals continues.

Thank you Sendy for sharing this experience with us. When you first told me about it on the phone I was blown away by what had happened.

I know personally that your animal journey is progressing and introducing you to some interesting characters. How are the grumpy horses by the way?

I think you’ll all agree that Sendy is one brave lady to rescue a bird like that. I know challenges from the Divine can come in all shapes and sizes but this one was a big one. Not that Sendy knew that until after the event.

And that’s the point really. We don’t always know when we are being tested or challenged. Not that I’m saying that you should all go and jump in the ocean to test your faith in what ever it is you believe in.

Sometimes everyday life is just that. Challenging. Other times we have these divine curve balls thrown at us. We just don’t know it at the time.

It’s all part off the journey we are on. Some of us get an easy ride whilst some get an insanely hard ride. Either way the hardest part is getting through the hard times and how we react to them. Life’s not always fair but that’s another whole post waiting to be written.

On this occasion my friend Sendy rose to the challenge without even realising it was one. And what an incredible feat of compassion and courage she showed.

Till next time I hope that this journey we call life is good to you all.






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