A Voice Once Said…

It’s a Wednesday night on the Gold Coast. A chilly one at that too. By that I mean it’s cold. I’m not talking about some spicy Mexican dish. Wish I was eating one though.

But I digress. I was going to postpone posting this piece of writing till a little later but I’m being harassed by a greater force than my distraction ego. A certain one of my Guides is banging on the door saying get on with it. Get it out tonight and have done with it.

coffee-cup-working-happySo I’m hitting the publish button. So maybe you should grab a tea, coffee, or a large shot of something and sit back on a comfortable sofa. Enjoy the read and change the world. You’ll see what I mean. Read on.

We all receive Divine Guidance in one form or another. Well I believe we do, but you may not. That’s OK if you don’t. I’m not here to preach about the rights and wrongs of Divine Guidance or belief systems. I’m not here to tell you what you should or shouldn’t believe.

What I’m going to do today is tell you how I receive Divine Guidance and also let you in on one of the messages I received recently.

Divine Guidance could also be called any of the following. A message from the Goddess, notes from the Universe, Great Spirit speaks, a message from God, the word of Allah, the voice of Jehovah, guidance from the Buddha or indeed a host of other new age, religious or even non-religious deities or guides. Take your pick.

But I think the discussion about what we call that eternal energy out there I will save for another day. For now I’m just going to call it Divine Guidance. I hope you’re OK with that?


Before I tell you about myself I’m interested to know how you receive your Divine Guidance. If you feel you do that is.

Do you meditate, sit quietly in nature, practice some form of automatic writing, go on yoga retreats, paint, draw, pray, perform a ritual or even talk out loud and wait for an answer?

Well, I probably wouldn’t recommend the last one in the middle of your local supermarket. Mind you I was probably seen, a few years ago, saying “Oh my God Why? Why me? Why now?” rather loudly, looking heavenwards, whilst my two year old daughter was having a complete melt down in the frozen veg aisle. The only answer I got was more tantrums and a variety of looks from other shoppers. I’m sure many of you have been there.

Do you use tools? Crystals, prayer mats, tarot cards, incense, or a host of other devices.

Do you hear it, see it, do you just know it, feel it, or does it really matter? The main point is do you get Divine Guidance?

However it chooses to present itself to you the first place of call for it is your Heart Space. That guidance comes into the heart space and then tries to get through to you. Except for most people, myself included, the head then stuffs it up. The mind steps in and tries to alter it to suit our many egos. This is where we tread that fine line between head and heart. Our gut feeling and a rational way of thinking, or you could say the difference between intuition and over thinking it.

So you need to work out which side of that fine line those messages arimagese treading. And that’s why you need to be aware of the process that works for you. It might be one of those avenues I mentioned earlier or it might be something completely different. Either way it’s something we need to be aware of. Because if God is in the heart then could the Devil be in the mind? But let’s save that discussion for another day.

Meditation works really well for me as does dowsing, automatic writing and occasionally amazing acts of inspiration. I also have a couple of favourite crystals and occasionally burn nag champa incense. I’ve also been known to do cleansing rituals with white sage. Sometimes though the guidance comes without any of the above and I know when to trust it. It’s taken many years, a lot of practice and getting it wrong occasionally, but I now know how to trust it. It’s just a feeling you could say.

This trust, actually, is incredibly important when I work with clients during Emerald Heart consultations. I have to trust that the Guidance I am getting is correct and my clients have to trust me that I am interpreting the Guidance correctly. The most important element of it is that I remember I am just the messenger. That I need to give the information to the client as it is given to me. It’s not my job to change the info or add my own thoughts to the process because the consult is not about me. It’s about my client and what they need at the time.

Now I mentioned earlier that I would let you in on some Divine Guidance I received recently. It was during a meditation I was doing on my own, at home. I wasn’t going into the meditation looking for anything in particular. I just felt the need to meditate and I had some spare time and the house to myself. Sometimes on these occasions I get distracted and play a game on the PlayStation. I’m not perfect you know. But not this time. This time meditation won out.


The meditation went very deep very quickly which I wasn’t expecting. Quite often I float around for a while waiting to get past the chatter in my head when I’m not focusing on anything. But on this occasion it’s like my guides were saying “No time to waist Jonny boy because you need to hear this and you need to hear it now. We’re not letting you have a quick 20 minute doze today.”

Then I’m sitting in this stone circle with someone I can’t quite see but they are very bright. Blindingly bright in fact. It’s all very relaxed and I feel quite at home and just a little bit intrigued.

They say to me “I have six words to give you which you need to write down. Remember them and pass them on. These are six words you need to focus on in order to evolve. You and the rest of humanity.

The six words are Truth, Love, Courage, Humility, Compassion and Acceptance.

Everyone should try to live through these six words but most importantly you should try to live through these words. Focus on yourself and let others take responsibility for themselves. It’s not your job to force this on others just to pass it on.

These six words also live through each other. By which I mean you need to apply Truth to Love, Courage, Humility, Compassion and Acceptance. You need to apply Love to Truth, Courage, Humility, Compassion and Acceptance. And so on and so forth. Just take a moment to let that sink in.

Now imagine if everybody on the planet could do this. Might be a friendlier more peaceful place don’t you think. Now you’re not responsible for everyone but you are responsible for yourself. But it wont be easy to apply these with everything you do but you sure can try. Thanks for listening.”

children with hands held round globe

Then they were gone and you know what. It sure isn’t easy. They were right about that. After all I’m only human and humans have a great ability to succeed and fail spectacularly. But I can but try and maybe you could too. Then maybe you could pass those words on in good faith with no judgement attached. You might just change the world. And maybe just maybe the world will get a little friendlier. We can but try.

I’m hoping to explore each word individually in future posts with a bit of Divine Guidance but for now I’ll just leave you with the six words I was given. Just remember all the words live through each other. It gives them their combined energy to bring about change. Then if you can allow that energy to live through you who knows what may be achieved?


5 thoughts on “A Voice Once Said…

    1. Thanks Katrina. It feels good to write. And this one I knew I had to do. Anything that can bring a little more love, joy and happiness to the world has to be a good thing I feel. 🙂


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