Winter Solstice on the Cold Coast

Rebirth, transition, goals and intent.

Winter Solstice is here.

Up in the northern hemisphere everyone is getting ready for Summer Solstice. If you are one of those people reading this have a great Summer Solstice. Enjoy the long days and the warm weather. And have fun with all the energy that Summer Solstice brings.

But down here in the southern hemisphere we are celebrating Winter Solstice, which is a different kind of energy. It is a time of rebirth.

It is midwinter, the shortest day and longest night of the year. And here where I live on the outskirts of the Gold Coast, in Australia, it feels that the nights have been a bit colder than usual for winter. I feel that this may be a reflection of the changes that are happening energetically around us.sea-2915194__340

The Solstice brings about change and this year it feels a little intense. It’s as if the God and Goddess have had a chat and come to a decision. And that decision is to say to us humans ‘wake up and get on with it’. Well, that’s how it feels for me. The year is turning and the days will start getting longer again. No time to hang around.

Traditionally Winter Solstice is a time for reflection. It allows us to look back at what we have achieved since the Summer Solstice. To see how life has changed and moved forwards. It’s winter, we can slow down energetically and look back and reflect. This reflection then allows us to move forwards.

In the stillness of the Solstice we can take a deep breath and set our visions for the future. As the warmth slowly comes back with the light our visions and dreams can grow. We can set our intent of what we want to achieve and change before the Summer Solstice comes knocking at our door. In the quiet of winter we can make our plans.


But this year the energy feels a little different. As I said, a little more intense. Change is happening whether we like it or not. Just look at what is going on around the world. Politically, environmentally and personally. ‘Time for change’ says the God, the Father. ‘Time to grow’ says the Goddess, the Mother. And I think we need to go with the flow on this one. To stay on the cutting edge of the energy that is hitting our planet, ourselves.

When a big shift in consciousness occurs it happens regardless of how we feel about it. And it can affect people in many different ways. Some will naturally feel it more intensely than others. Some may not even feel it at all.

For my immediate family and me we are being forced to move house. We rent and the owner would like the house back. For a perfectly reasonable reason I will add. We have until the beginning of September to find somewhere. Which we will. We always do. But it is an event we hadn’t catered for. It adds an extra dimension to life right now that I hadn’t anticipated.

Sometimes when the Divine pulls the rug out from under your feet it’s a good time to have a long hard look at what’s going on in life. I try and do that once I get over running around like a headless chicken in panic.

Interesting that this year it’s happened around Winter Solstice, the time of rebirth and transition. Just to intensify everything a little. At the moment I’m still in headless chicken mode. But as we go through the Solstice I’m going to try and enter stop, take a deep breath, and meditate mode.human-1031060__340

I find meditation is a great way to calm down and sometimes, God willing, to get some answers. I really recommend you try it over this Winter Solstice. Or if not meditation then whatever forms of relaxation you can achieve to connect to the Divine. Stop, breath and enter the stillness of the Solstice.

Where I live the epicentre of the Solstice will be at 8.07pm on Thursday 21st June. Once I get back from my late night shopping shift with our crystal business I’m going to meditate and have a few words with the powers that be.pexels-photo-269583

May I suggest you do the same and go with the flow. Honour yourself because you are worth it.

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