A Smile A Day…

Hello again!

Welcome to my second blog article. I’m going to cheat a little as I’m partly re-posting a piece I wrote for the Emerald Heart Blog back in 2011. I hope you don’t mind.

I was looking back through old files and came across this piece and thought it was still very relevant in our current times. I wrote it when I was a kindergarten teacher and felt that the values I applied to children I could also apply to adults that came to me as clients.

It feels a little strange re-reading it as it prompted me to think how life has changed since then. When I wrote it I was working in the Childcare Centre on a part-time basis. I was fairly new to this Centre at the time but I went on to become full time. And in fact started to shoulder a lot of responsibility within the Centre working with a vast array of young children.change-671374__340

Now I don’t work there anymore but instead run a crystal business with my wife. Since leaving kindergarten my client base has grown in terms of my Emerald Heart and Geomantic work. But I still feel that I need to apply some of the same principles that I had when working with the kids.

Human beings need to be valued and cherished be they young or old. If you don’t look after and respect other people how can you expect them to look after and respect you?

Anyway the cycle of life continues. I hope you gain something from the article below, that I wrote all those years ago.


I’d like to comment on responses, and hurting people’s feelings.

I now work with preschool children in a ‘kindy’ (kindergarten) on a part-time basis, mostly 4 – 5 year olds. This came about because God, the Light and the Guides pushed me in that direction this year. But how that came about I’ll save for another day.

We were taught a lot of theory at college and now I’m putting it into practice. One of the biggest things being how you interact and talk with children. How you respond to them is massively important. One word or sentence out of place can literally destroy their day.

They are all unique and different individuals who are just starting to grow into who they are, with so much to offer the world. I have learnt to be that empty vessel with them because they need that Light to shine on them. It doesn’t matter how I feel, I have to be the best that I can be with them all the time. Some of them have very difficult home lives, but for a few hours each day it is my job, along with other staff, to help them shine and feel important in what they do and hope to achieve.

Now this makes me think that I should be able to do this with adults too. To offer that smile, like Dave said in his recent Teaching, and to be the best that I can be for those people who wish to interact with me. Sometimes life doesn’t always work out how you think it should, and sometimes people don’t always return that smile, but it doesn’t mean we should stop smiling or stop trying.

I don’t think I put it as eloquently as Dave but I hope you know where I’m coming from.


Two things stand out for me reading this again.

The first is the sentence: “It doesn’t matter how I feel, I have to be the best that I can be with them all the time.”

I know that it can be hard to do that in life sometimes. But occasionally when some one needs our help we have to put our own difficulties aside and focus 100% on the person in front of us. Be you a parent, a teacher, a spiritual healer, or anything else come to that you have to give your best. If we can all do that I believe that slowly the world will become a better place.


The second is the sentence: “Sometimes life doesn’t always work out how you think it should, and sometimes people don’t always return that smile, but it doesn’t mean we should stop smiling or stop trying.”

A smile can make a huge difference to a person’s day. The energy and the Light that is given out when you smile are amazing. And the beauty of it is that anyone can smile. Really anyone can. You can bring fantastic healing to a stranger just by smiling at them. I remember how a child’s face would light up just by giving them a smile. That simple.

Here’s a challenge. Smile at the next three people you meet regardless of who they are or how old they are. Go on, I dare you.

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